What is grandfathering?

In lieu of achieving competency as a community health worker (CHW) through participation in a foundational CHW training, competency may be achieved through demonstrated experience as a CHW. Certification will attest to the applicant’s wealth of experience as it aligns with the foundational Core Competencies of a CHW. This certification will not reflect the attainment of any specialty skills an applicant has acquired through their experience or through any additional training. In order to apply for the Certified Community Health Worker (CCHW) certification, applicants must provide documentation that demonstrates the fulfillment of the specified experiential background required for certification.

Below is a comprehensive list of requirements that candidates must fulfill to be eligible for grandfathering as a CCHW:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older,
  • Have obtained a high school diploma/GED equivalent or higher,
  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of Indiana or a bordering state,
  • Worked/volunteered 4,000 of hours providing CHW services within the past 5 years, and
  • Provide three (3) letters of recommendation.