Certification Training

In 2017, INCHWA was designated as the certifying body for community health workers in Indiana by the Indiana State Department of Health. To ensure that CHW training is accessible to all Hoosiers, multiple INCHWA-approved Training Vendors exist so that CHWs in all parts of our state can become certified with quality, hands-on training.

What is an INCHWA-approved Training Vendor? To ensure quality training for all CHWs, all INCHWA-approved Training Vendors must demonstrate that they have delivered successful training in the past. Additionally, all training courses must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 45 hours of training
  • Interactive learning: Activities and/or discussion to prepare CHWs for real-life scenarios in a controlled setting where they can practice their skills and receive real-time feedback
  • Internship/externship/capstone project opportunity
  • On-ramp for higher education

INCHWA reviews each Training Vendor’s curriculum for adherence to both national and state standards to ensure that each certified CHW receives quality training and issues each CHW’s certification. With INCHWA issuing your certification, you can be sure that your certification will always be valid should the Vendor you received your training from loses its status as an INCHWA-approved Training Vendor for any reason.

What concepts and skills are taught in a Certified CHW training? All INCHWA-approved Training Vendors offer a foundational CHW training program that prepares students for the workforce. Each training program adheres to the CHW Scope of Practice and covers all CHW core competencies. Topics include:

  • Cultural mediation among individuals, communities, and health and social services systems;
  • Providing coaching and social support including motivational interviewing;
  • Providing culturally-appropriate health education and information including techniques for delivering health education to various audiences, basic overview of chronic diseases, trauma-informed care, and staying within Scope of Practice and how to refer when needed;
  • Care coordination, case management, and system navigation including client-centered care;
  • Providing direct services with an emphasis on the CHW Code of Ethics, HIPPA, confidentiality, and informed consent, and functioning within a multi-disciplinary team;
  • Building individual and community capacity;
  • Advocating for individuals and communities;
  • Implementing individual and community assessments including stages of change and risk and harm reduction;
  • Conducting outreach;
  • Participating in evaluation and research.

What does certification as a CHW mean? Your designation as a Certified Community Health Worker (CCHW) proves that you have demonstrated a foundational mastery of the CHW Core Competencies as defined both nationally and in the state of Indiana through completion of training and testing delivered by an INCHWA-approved Training Vendor. Additionally, your certification means that your services as a CHW could be reimbursable by Medicaid if services are carried out as defined by Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP).

What is the cost of training? Cost of training varies among INCHWA-approved Training Vendors. However, all student materials, 45 hours of training internship/externship/capstone project opportunity, and an on-ramp for higher education are included in the total cost of each Vendor’s training. Please contact INCHWA-approved Training Vendors listed below for cost-specific information.

Who are the INCHWA-approved Training Vendors? INCHWA-approved Training Vendors are listed below. Click on their name for more information about their training programs.

If your organization is interested in becoming an INCHWA-approved Training Vendor, please contact us.

Specialty Training

Specialty training is offered by organizations specializing in certain diseases or strategies to alleviate the health disparities in a particular health or human service area. Usually, a certificate is offered to the participants who successfully complete a specialty training. Members of INCHWA can find opportunities for on-demand and live specialty trainings in the Member Portal above.         



The Indiana Community Health Workers Association presents specialty training from the INCHWA Training Academy.  The INCHWA Training Academy offers courses funded by the Indiana State Health Department and courses funded directly by INCHWA's staff and partners.  All material is developed by our workforce association for community health workers. To access these free trainings, click on the INCHWA Training Academy below.

Free Specialty Trainings